Class Schedules

Class Schedules

Note: Course schedules listed below are subject to change. Check registration information for exact times and dates for each course including seminars and intensives.

Classes Information

Most class offerings are 4 credit classes taken once a week per class. The schedule for each class varies for each quarter and may be offered in the morning, afternoon, or evening. If the student takes online courses, the required number of hours online is the same as the in-class participating hours.


Seminars are typically 2 credits for two days of intensive learning. The schedule for the seminars is as follows:








Intensives are 4 credits with book reading and paper writing. The schedule for intensives is as follows:







Course Loads

A full time student takes 12 credits per quarter in the Master of Ministry and Master of Divinity program. All students in the Certificate of Ministry and Bachelor of Ministry programs must take 16 credits to be considered full-time. To be a full time student in Doctor of Ministry it takes 16 credits per year. Any less is considered a part-time student.

Academic Advisement

At the time of initial enrollment, and during enrollment for every subsequent quarter, students will fill out a registration form. This form must be reviewed and signed by the school staff before the student can complete registration for that quarter. This is to ensure that program requirements are being followed and the needs of the student are being met.

Internship Courses

These courses are pass/fail which is decided by attendance and performance reviews made by internship mentors and school staff.

Transfer of Credits

WIMU will allow transfer of some college level credits. Students who wish to transfer credits will need to have official sealed transcripts sent to the office for review. Credits will be considered for transfer from a recognized educational institution of higher learning provided the student has received a 2.0 or better grade on courses.
Credits that relate specifically to our academic classes will be accepted on a case by case basis upon review of institution catalogue and courses from the other school.
Some credits are available for life-experiences. Each is considered on a case by case basis.
Due to the nature of the internship program, internship credits must be earned from an approved WIMU program. In most cases, internship credits will not transfer.

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