the core of our programs and courses

Academic Classes

These are the core of our programs and courses offered at the school. The normal class load is to take four 4 credit classes per quarter for bachelor programs. Master program students generally take three 4 credit classes per quarter. As described in the class schedule section, academic classes are held at various times during the week and, occasionally, weekend seminars and multi-day intensives will be offered (see previous section in Catalog for schedule).

Internship Program

The internship program is a core piece of WIMU. Placement into various departments is handled on a case by case basis after meeting and reviewing with school staff. Students are placed under an internship mentor who has an established relationship with the school. During the quarter, the mentor will turn in a “review slip” relating to the student and his/her performance, attendance, and activities. Periodically, during the quarter, the student will meet with school staff to review how the student is doing in the area he/she is involved in.

A normal load for the internship program is one, 4 credit course for every quarter. Each student will be required to serve a minimum of 4 hours per week to receive a passing grade for the course. During the senior year of our bachelor’s program, the internship requirements are increased while the academic course load is decreased (see section on programs offered).