Course Descriptions 

  • 0-100 level: Certificate and Bachelor degree courses.
  • 500 level and 600 level: Master degree courses. Master degree course requires at least 1500 pages reading or 30 hours practicum during each quarter.
  • All courses which are 600 and under 600 level are 4 credits except some classes marked on specific credits and course description.
  • 700 level and 800 level: Doctor Degree course required at least 3000 pages reading.
  • All 700 and 800 levels are 8 credits.



TH 101 (501) Survey of Theology

This course provides an overview of the major biblical doctrines including Bibliology, Theology Proper, Anthropology, Hamartiology, Soteriology, Christology, Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, Angelology, and Eschatology.

TH 102 (502) Church History (Theology through the Ages)

This course is a study of development of theology through the eras of the church. It will examine the different beliefs of the Christian church from the time of Christ until now.

TH 103 (503) History of Pentecostal Movements

This course is a study of the history of Pentecostalism, including study of major revivals, key times, and people in the history of Pentecostalism.

TH 104 (504) Attributes of God

This will be a study of the many facets of God. Does God know everything? Is He everywhere? Is He loving or judging? How do we reconcile the God of the Old and New Testaments? This class will go in depth to study the emotions and character of God in a search to answer some of these questions.

TH 105 (505) Worship through the Bible

This is a study of the history and theology of worship, including the topics of the tabernacle of David, prophetic instrumentation, banners, flags, dancing, and houses of prayer.

TH 106 (506) The Kingdom of God

What did Jesus have to say about the Kingdom? It was his main message. He preached: “The Kingdom of God is at Hand”. In this class, we will study what the Kingdom of God is, and its applications for today.

TH 107 (507) Bibliology

The study of the Bible, in this course you will learn about the interpretation of the theology of written scriptures, including what the Bible says about itself. This is a “How to Study the Bible” course.

TH 505 Backgrounds of Contemporary Theology

A selected study of major theologians who continue to influence contemporary Christianity.

TH 108 (508) Christ and Church

In this course students learn about the Church, the Body of Christ, as the manifestation of Jesus on the earth. It will examine the relationship between Jesus and the Church and how it is an expression of Christ through which his works are now evidenced.

TH 506 Major Christian Doctrines

This course is an introduction to prominent doctrinal topics of Christian theology.

TH 508 History of Western Thought

A survey of Western philosophical thought with the purpose of introducing students of theology to philosophical ideas which have had a significant influence on the development of Christian theology. Students may complete an examination in lieu of the course requirement, or the course may be taken concurrently with other required courses.

TH 530 Modern and Contemporary Christian Thought

A study of thought from Enlightenment trends to contemporary theological and philosophical developments. The latter subject includes nineteenth century liberalism, twentieth century new-orthodoxy, existentialism, and post-existential trends such as secular, liberation, and hope theologies. Attention is also given to recent philosophical movements such as logical positivism, linguistic analysis and process though. The course stresses the history of major ideas, the system of formative scholars, and the conservative alternative.

TH 555 Philosophical Theology

This course employs philosophical methodology to examine the problems of the nature, limits and validity of religious knowledge, the meaning of religious languages, and the origin and nature of evil.

TH 180(580) Systematic Theology

This course is an examination of man as sinner, Christology and the atonement, salvation, eschatology and the church.

TH 612 (812) Biblical Theology

A study of the nature, history and current trends in Biblical theology. Each semester, there will be a special focus given to specific areas in Old Testament Biblical Theology or New Testament Biblical Theology.

TH 642 (842) Process Theology

This course is an examination of the theological movement based on the process philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne.

TH 660 (860) Study in Asian Religious And Philosophical Thoughts

This course is a thematic approach to the study of Asian religious and philosophical thoughts. Major themes of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism are identified and explored both historically and diachronically (both within their individual contexts and in their mutual interactions with one another).

TH 665 (865) Theology of Christian Spirituality

An exploration of historical and contemporary currents in Christian spirituality. Particular attention is given to changes in the theology and practice of spirituality during the 20th century within Protestantism and Roman Catholicism. Students have opportunities to do analytic and theory-building work.

TH 670 (870) The Cultural Context of Theology And Ministry

This course is a study of the impact of culture on the development of theology and the practice of ministry.




BI 101 (501) Epistles to the Corinthians

This course will teach Paul’s letters to the Corinthians and will include major topics such as communion, use of spiritual gifts in the church, and love.

BI 102 (502) Gospel of John

This will be an in-depth study into the unique view of Jesus’ ministry from the Gospel of John.

BI 103 (503) Old Testament Survey

All books of the Old Testament will be surveyed covering topics such as major people, places and events all through the Old Testament.

BI 104 (504) New Testament Survey

All books of the New Testament will be surveyed covering all topics such as major people, places and events all through the New Testament.

BI 105 (505) Epistles to the Church (Gal-Thess)

These epistles give us detailed information about the actual conditions within the church at Corinth. Not even the apostolic churches were perfect! This course will include studies in pastoral problems, and application of Christian principles which bring about resolution.

BI 106 (506) The Book of Acts of the Apostles

This is a study of the birth of the church and the Acts of the Apostles which continue today. This study will look at the new church and its relationship to the Holy Spirit to discover how we should relate to Him today.

BI 107 (507) Pentateuch

This course will study the first 5 books of the OT and study topics including: creation, the exodus, and the law. With an emphasis on how these books point to the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ.

BI 108 (508) Minor Prophets

This course will cover the books Hosea-Malachi focusing on finding out what these books say within their own historical context and how these prophecies paved the way for the Messiah.

BI 109 (509) Pastoral Epistles (Timothy/Titus)

Written to church leaders, these epistles teach us how to oversee the church. In this course we will study the Pastoral Epistles to not only find insight for pastors, but leadership principles critical for the home, the workplace, and anywhere you may find yourself responsible for leading and caring for other people.

BI 110 (510) Eschatology (Revelation/Daniel)

The books of Revelation and Daniel will be studied in terms of prophecy and the application of prophecy to current events. This course will include discussion on the last days.

BI 111 (511) Poetry Books

This course is designed to learn the five poetry books: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs. This course will give students the whole structure of the five books and their major contents. In studying the heart of the Bible, students can learn the mind of God.

BI 112 (512) Gospel – The Living Life of Christ

This course is to teach the four books of the Gospel: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. This main focus is Jesus’ ministry through these four books.

BI 410 Greek I

A study of phonology, morphology, and grammar of New Testament Greek with an emphasis placed on vocabulary development. Covers reading, writing, verb conjugation, and other parts of speech. It also introduces Greek customs, culture, and politics of the inter-testaments period.

BI 412 Greek II

Greek II is a continuation of Greek I. This course emphasizes nouns, verbs, infinitives, adjectives, and pronouns. Voice, extension and tense are also covered.

BI 414 Hebrew I

Fundamentals of biblical Hebrew with a focus on pronunciation, vocabulary, and the basic grammar in the usage of the Hebrew language. Hebrew I is to be used for translation and written exercises. Selected readings in biblical texts will be covered.

BI 416 Hebrew II

BS 416 is a continuation of BS 414. It provided further study of Hebrew grammar with emphasis on morphology, phonology, syntax, vocabulary, and the understanding of the abbreviations and marks in the Hebrew Bible. Selected passages will be read from the Old Testament.

BI 505 Basic Aspects of the Hebrew Bible

An introduction to the content of Hebrew Bible Literature, and to the methods for its interpretation.

BI 507 Basis Aspects of the Study of the New Testament

An introduction to the history and literature of the Christian movement in the first and second centuries, with particular focus on the New Testament. This course is a prerequisite to all other courses in New Testament. Students may proceed to advanced New Testament courses by passing a prescribed examination lieu of taking the course.

BI508 Basic Aspects of the Study of the Old Testament

A survey of the history and literature of the Old Testament, with special attention paid to significant events (e.g., creation, the Exodus from Egypt), outstanding persons (e.g., Moses), and dominant theological motifs (e.g., redemption). An emphasis will be made on certain books which advance and develop one’s grasp of the holistic message of Scripture.

BI 523 Old Testament Backgrounds

An exploration of Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian, and Persian backgrounds of the Old Testament, designed to provide the student with an understanding of the Old Testament world.

BI 530 Moral Issues in the Old Testament

An examination of the moral values that govern human behavior in the Old Testament. Special attention will be devoted to the relationship between moral behavior and its theological foundations.

BI 533 Old Testament Ethics

This course is designed to acquaint students with the ethical teachings of the Old Testament, and to probe the relevance of Old Testament ethics for a contemporary personal and social ethic.

BI 537 the Old Testament in Global Perspective

Learn how the Old Testament has been used and interpreted in Africa, Asia and Latin America and explore the important relationship between biblical interpretation and one’s socio-cultural context.

BI 540 Old Testament Interpretations

General introduction and hermeneutics: historical, cultural, and religious background; the language and translation of the New Testament; textual criticism; the theological Raison d’etre of the New Testament; The New Testament books as canon; the principles and practice of New Testament exegesis.

BI 543 New Testament Backgrounds

A study of the Greek, Roman and Jewish backgrounds of the New Testament is made in order to give the New Testament student an understanding of the world of Jesus and the Early Church. Extensive readings in representative texts from the New Testament period, including the Dead Sea Scrolls.

BI 558 New Testament Ethics

This course is designed to acquaint students with the ethical teachings of the New Testament, and to probe the relevance of New Testament ethics for a contemporary personal and social ethic.

BI 560 New Testament Theology

A study of the history and methods of biblical theology and examination of the major themes of the principal New Testament writers in the light of their historical backgrounds.

BI 585 Exegesis of the New Testament

A study of various tools of New Testament investigation and the praxis of interpretation of selected texts.

BI 608 The Church in the New Testament

An examination of New Testament sources dealing with the early Church in its various communities, including its social composition, rituals, customs of worship, and organization. Important documents concerning the Church from other early Christian literature are also examined.

BI 620 Eschatology and the New Testament

A study of various eschatologists of the New Testament and the early Christian movement from their beginnings in the ancient Near East into the second century. Course includes a survey of early Christian views of the Combat of God and the Devil, life after death, the judgment, heaven and hell, and the Eschaton both personal and cosmic.

BI 640 Acts, Canonical and Apocryphal

The study of the so-called Apocryphal Acts of Apostles, especially The Acts of Paul, The Acts of Peter, The Acts of John, The Acts of Andrew, and The Acts of Thomas. Topics treated include the religious orientation of each of the Acts, the relationships among those Acts and the New Testament, the role of apostolic memory in the early church, the depictions of women in these texts, and the value of the Apocryphal Acts for understanding the diversity of the early church.

BI 710 Special Study: Old and/or New Testament

Individual study projects involving library research in the field of the Old and/or New Testament.

BI 712 Old Testament Survey

All books of the Old Testament will be surveyed, covering topics such as major people, places, and events all through the Old Testament.

BI 714 New Testament Survey

All books of the New Testament will be surveyed, covering all topics such as major people, places, and events all through the New Testament.




PM 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006 Chapel I, II, III, IV, V, VI

Attendance at and participation in quarterly chapels are an essential part of a student’s studies. Fellowship with God and others through chapel is an integral part of every program. (No credit)

PM 010, 011, 012 Bible Reading 1, 2, 3

This course explores scripture through biblical stories and teachings in the Old Testament and New Testament. It is designed to develop a deeper understanding of scripture and how it applies to one’s personal life as well as in a ministry setting.

PM 020, 021, 022 Listening to God and to Others 1, 2, 3

This three sequential courses offer about listening skills. When God is speaking to you by prophecy or preacher’s teaching, you have to have full understanding.

PM 030, 031, 032 Speaking Cross-Culturally 1, 2, 3

You will be equipped with speaking skills with these courses. Students are required to speak 5 minutes sermon and testimony after each course.

PM 040, 041, 042 Writing a Life Journal 1, 2, 3

This course is designed to write correct journal. As a Christian, writing journal according to biblical teaching is critical. Student will learn from very basic writing style and more advanced writing. Eventual goal is to write daily life journal.

PM 050, 051, 052 Principles of Communication 1, 2, 3

This course is to teach Biblical grammar in English for adult. This class will teach basic concept to understand Biblical English.

PM 060, 061, 062 Community Service 1, 2, 3

As people of God, loving people is core teaching of Jesus. Students will visit homeless facility, nursing home, and other non-profit organization in this activity. Students are required to report before class after serving neighbors with writing and speaking.

PM 070, 071, 072 Literary Terminology 1, 2, 3

These series of classes are to practice terminology for biblical study and missionary work..

PM 101 (501) Healing

This course will study the topic of physical healing. In this class, you will learn what the bible says about healing, along with practical advice and opportunities to minister right in class.

PM 102 (502) Bondage Breaking

This course will study bondage breaking, including topics such as generational sins, soul ties, covenants, and much more.

PM 103 (503) Cleansing the Land

This is a course on praying for cities and regions, and breaking curses off of the land. You will learn about the dynamics of praying intentionally and specifically for a city or region, spiritual mapping, and seeing the fruit of this ministry.

PM 104 (504) Role of the Leader (Prophet, Priest and King)

The three main areas of Christian leadership are the roles of prophet, priest, and king. This course will study the purpose and actions involved as you walk out these three main roles in your life.

PM 105 (505) Hermeneutics

The study of interpreting the Bible: We will study, historical, contextual, allegorical, and topical aspects. As well as learning some tools for understanding the original languages of the Bible.

PM 106 (506) Spiritual Gifts and Ministries

Learn how to identify, operate, and grow in the gifts; including study of the gifts to the church, gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the grace gifts that God has built into us.

PM 107 (507) Preaching (Homiletics)

Whether it’s in front of a church or a small group, this class will teach you the practicality of preaching with clarity and impact. Study tools for preparing sermons will be taught.

PM 108 (508) Coaching and Mentoring Disciples

All ministry flows out of relationships. This class will impart practical tools for coaching others in their life and growth in Jesus.

PM 109 (509) The Foundation of Worship

This course will study the role of worship in our daily lives. What does worship mean? What does it look like? There will be an emphasis on prophetic worship through instrumentation, song, dance, flagging, and the arts.

PM 110 (510) Church Administration

In this class, we will study some of the roles of vision casting, financial administration, volunteerism, conflict resolution, group dynamics, and communication. We will also study the eight essential measurements for a healthy church.

PM 111 (511) Building Ministries that Multiply

This class instructs in creating models that multiply, and will investigate church planting models and identify stages of maturity in a ministry or church. This class is essential for those desiring to plant churches.

PM 112 (512) Foundations for Discovery

This course provides an introduction to Christian Growth and discipleship. It enables the learner to understand the basic issues of spiritual growth, the church and mission, and releasing gifts for ministry.

PM 113 (513) Disciplines of the disciple

This course focuses on the more advanced preparation, biblical study, prayer, and development of Christian Character.

PM 114 (514) Bible Basics

This course provides effective and relevant introduction to the Old and New Testaments. The last three lessons focus on putting the Christian faith into practice.

PM 115 (515) The Christian Life

This course builds a strong and relevant foundation for a healthy family life and church life.

PM 116 (516) Kingdom Living

This course provides detailed training for Christian living and ministry, focusing on a more Pentecostal approach to spiritual warfare and ministry.

PM 117 (517) Equipped for Leadership

This course provides a thorough and practical approach to the call to ministry, mentoring, and church administration.

PM 118 (518) Seminar: Prophecy

This course is designed to know God’s revelation through prophecy. Students will learn the way of God’s revelation and will have practical time with guest speakers or prophets.

PM 119 (519) A Biblical Theology of Worship

This course will explore the concept and practice of worship in the Old and New Testaments. Students will be taught a biblical theology of worship that takes into account the variety of biblical materials related to worship. This course serves as a foundation for present and future ministry.

PM 120 (520) The History of Christian Worship

This course is an overview of the history of Christian worship, its theology and rituals from the early church to today. Special attention is paid to the rites of the first four Christian centuries and the theology of worship inspired by their development. Events and cultures engendering subsequent ecclesial groups and forms of worship are also explored.

PM 121 (521) Spirituality in a Postmodern World

This course will focus on the shift from modernity, with its emphasis on reason and logic, to postmodernity and its attraction to the spiritual and symbolic. Course material examines cultural trends in theology, philosophy and epistemology. The centerpiece of the course is a close-up look at the emerging postmodern world through the lenses of thought, art, architecture and society.

PM 122 (522) Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Christian Worship

This course explores the impact of globalization on Christian worship in the 21st century. Students will examine a wide variety of contemporary cultural expressions of worship, and seek to understand how these expressions reveal the triune God. Students will also reflect on how understanding these expressions might enable deeper engagement with the triune God in the student’s own worship setting.

PM 132 (532) Mentoring Skills for Leaders

This course provides mentoring skills in local church settings. Learn how to be a good mentor and how you can be a good model as a leader.

PM 123 (523) Leadership Ethics in the Old Testament

This course focuses on developing a leader’s ethical standards in modern life based on Old Testament examples like Moses, Abraham, Joshua, and David.

PM 124 (524) The Personal Life of the Leader

The life of a leader is very influential not only the church, but also at home and in the community. This course will teach on the best model of leadership.

PM 125 (525) Psychology of Religion

This course is an overview of major theories, issues, data, and research methodologies of the psychology of religion, with an emphasis on contemporary trends including cognitive and evolutionary approaches. It is highly recommended as part of the integration curriculum, especially for those who plan on undergraduate teaching careers.

PM 126 (526) Training Lay Counselors in local church

This course will provide an overview of a biblical approach to lay Christian counseling, and will cover a model developed by the course instructor for training and using lay Christian counselors in the church. Other lay training models and programs in Christian counseling, and relevant literature on lay pastoral care in general, will also be briefly reviewed.

PM 127 (527) Biblical Counseling

This course will provide an overview of a biblical approach to Christian counseling, and will search the biblical model developed by the course in Old and New Testaments, training and using Christian counselors in the church.

PM 128(528), 129(529), 130(530) Practicum Faculty Consultation I, II, III

This course is the final in the Clinical Foundations I, II and III sequence. This experiential course will equip students with theoretical concepts and practical core methods for practicing therapy with couples and parent-child dyads based on Christian teaching. The focus of this course will be in the application of theory to case conceptualization and therapeutic practice using Structural Family Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy theories and techniques. Under the direction of seasoned therapist, and through the medium of a specially equipped observation room with a one-way mirror, students will practice various assessment and family therapy techniques by participating as therapists in simulated marital and/or parent-child therapy sessions.

PM 131 (531) Practice of Worship Leading I, II, III

This class is a sequential series designed to help develop worship leading skills through training in instruments, power point, and song leading in various styles.

PM 141 (541) Spiritual Transformation Course 1: Foundations

This course is to build the basics foundation of biblical truths through the study of the following: the Trinity, being born again, baptisms, enlarging your spirit, elementary doctrines, principle of giving and forgiveness.

PM 142 (542) Spiritual Transformation Course 2: Hearing God

The second course in this series will help students discover the various ways God communicates with his children. Students will learn how to apply the exercises in hearing God individually and in a group setting.

PM 143 (543) Spiritual Transformation Course 3: Knowing My Design Gift

Why do you do the things you do? The third course in this series will help students understand the seven Design Gifts from Romans 12. This study greatly affects the way in which we look at people, relationships, leadership and ministry.

PM 144 (544) Spiritual Transformation Course 4: Bondage Breaking

This course is designed to give students practical spiritual tools to understand and overcome negative soul ties, generational sins, ungodly covenants, and more. This is a life changing class giving students resources and understanding directly applicable to their ministries.

PM 160 Spanish for Missions

This course is an excellent resource for those looking to minister to Spanish Speakers in their community or abroad vocabulary focuses on family, the Bible, Christian expressions, everyday communication and witnessing.

PM 170 (570) Church Management and Leadership

This course is designed to teach students management and leadership in the church or nonprofit sector. This course will cover the spirit of Jesus’ servant-hood and leadership in church.

PM 171 (571) The Voluntary Nonprofit Sector and Public Policy

This class is designed to teach students a basic understanding of public policy pertaining to the voluntary nonprofit sector. This class will largely focus on policies pertaining to work and volunteering in a church or ministry related environment.

PM 172 (572) Financial Management of Religious Organizations

This course will cover financial management of the church organization. Because finances are a challenging and crucial part of the church, students will gain tools and learn techniques for budgeting, planning, analyzing, and controlling the financial performance of a church or non-profit organization.

PM 173 (573) Human Resources Management in Church Related Sectors

This class is about how to hire people in the Church. The class will focus on biblical teaching about people, work, and hiring.

PM 711 Research Workshop (2)

An introduction to research workshop, including research mission, collection of data, data analysis, and interpretation of data.

PM 720 Doctor’s Thesis (6)

This course is required class for doctoral student. Each student need to write and report the study of a well-defined problem that both emerges from and carries forward some existing body of knowledge or theory.

PM 870 Church Management and Leadership

This course is to understand about Church or nonprofit sector’s management and leadership. This course will cover the spirit of Jesus’ servant-hood and leadership in church

PM 872 A Biblical Theology of Worship

This course will explore the concept and practice of worship in the Old and New Testaments. Students will be taught a biblical theology of worship that takes into account the variety of biblical materials related to worship. This course serves as a foundation for present and future ministry.

PM 874 Expository Preaching

This course is designed to make progress in preaching skills based on scripture analysis.

PM 876 Evangelistic Preaching

This class is to develop powerful preaching in mission field or local setting for evangelistic emphasis.




PG 101 (501) Bible Study Methods

Have you ever stared at your Bible puzzled and confused? This class will give you keys on how to unlock the scriptures and develop a great love for the Word of God. Attention will be given to modern computer software programs as well as traditional books and tools.

PG 102 (502) Walking in Righteousness

As a believer you are now prone to righteousness, this means you are a new creation and the fruit of the Spirit is flowing through you, this class will equip you with some practical tools to walk in spirit led, self-control and become the “Royal Priesthood” you are called to be in the Bible.

PG 103 (503) Christian Marriage and Family

This course will study the topic of family life from a biblical worldview. Learn how to raise Godly children in a loving, Godly home.

PG 104 (504) Money Management

A basic skill in life is money management, this course will help guide you through basic money and finance skills in personal life, and ministry. You will learn what a non-profit is, and what that means, alongside with resources for those in full time ministry and personal accounting skills.

PG 105 (505) Knowing My Design Gift

Knowing God’s design is very critical as minister or lay person. This course will give instruction on how to recognize each person’s gift(s) based on Biblical teaching. There will be time for practical application for each person in the middle of the session.

PG 106 (506), 107 (507), 108 (508) Musical Instrument I, II, III

This course is a musical instrument sequence in the first year as basic and intermediate level training. This class is designed to teach how to lead worship during Sunday service or other meetings.

PG 115 (515), 116 (516), 117 (517) Musical Instrument IV,V,VI

This course is a continued musical instrument sequence in the second year. This class is designed for the advanced student who already leads worship.

PG 112 (512), 113 (513), 114 (515) Vocal Training I, II, III

This course is a vocal sequence designed to train students on how to lead worship. This sequence develops students from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels.

PG 115 (515), 116 (516), 117 (517) Internship I, II, III

This course is a sequential internship in the first year program. Each student will be paired with one mentor who is an expert in a specific area. Students will meet four times with this mentor during each quarter with the student: 1) First two hour meeting is for setting goals for the quarter; 2-4) The second, third and fourth meeting exist to monitor the progress of the student and his plan, grade homework, and make course corrections. Each 6 credit internship class requires a minimum of 6 hours each week of leading a portion of a ministry in a supervised setting, or observing their mentor in action.

PG 118 (518), 119 (519), 210 (520) Internship IV, V, VI

This course continues the internship in sequence in the second year program.

PG 142 Spiritual Transformation Course 2: Hearing God

See PM 142 for course description.

PG 211 (521), 212 (522), 213 (523), 214 (524), 215 (525), 216 (526) Independent Study I, II, III, IV, V, VI

This course is designed for students to independently study and research varying situations and subjects relating to their course of study.

PG 217 (527) Deep Calls to Deep

This course teaches on listening to the voice of God. The first half focuses on biblical teaching about God’s heart; the second half focuses on the practical application of this in individual and group settings.

PG 218 (528) Holy Spirit Encounter

Learn how to identify, operate, and grow in the gifts. This course includes study of the gifts to the church, gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the grace gifts that God has built into us. This class is designed as a weekend conference and two days class with teachings and discussions.




IN 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123 Internship

This courses’ focus is learning by doing, “hands on” ministry. The examples are involvement with Worship Team; Healing Rooms; Bible Study; Youth Group; Missionary Team. But it is possible to train in so many areas in the church and community as a future minister. If you have specific areas to work with, you have to ask to the school administer to have permit.