payment information

Financial Information

  • Application Fee : $50
  • Certificate of Ministry : $132/credit
  • Bachelor of Ministry : $132/credit
  • Master of Ministry and Master of Divinity : $165/credit
  • Doctor of Ministry : $200/credit
  • Official Transcript : $15

Tuition Payment

Washington International Mission University accepts cash, personal checks from a U.S. bank, money orders, and international wire transfers. Credit and debit cards are accepted when payment is given in person. Credit and debit cards are not accepted over the phone or online for security reasons. Please request additional information from the office for international wire transfers.

New Students

Tuition payment is required on Orientation Day before the start of the quarter.

Returning Students

Tuition payment is required on Orientation Day before the start of the quarter.

Late Fee

A fee of $200 will be added to the cost of tuition if payment is not received on the due date. Students are not permitted to attend class until tuition payment is completed.


Students withdrawing from the school must complete a withdrawal form. Until this withdrawal form has been completed and submitted, students will continue to be financially responsible for ongoing tuition.

General Information

Students withdrawing from a class must submit an official withdrawal form prior to four weeks before the last day of class. If a course is dropped in the last 4 weeks of the quarter, they will receive a failing grade.


Washington International Mission University awards scholarships of 20% to 50% off tuition costs to ministers, pastors and missionaries. Scholarships are offered after each applicant is reviewed by school staff. If a student is interested in receiving a ministerial tuition discount, he/she must contact the school office prior to the time of registration.